Does your dog have a never-ending abundance of energy? Allow them time to socialize with others while getting the exercise they need.  We have plenty of space for them to wear themselves out. Dogs love to play with other dogs, and you can be confident that they are properly supervised by our highly trained staff at all times, with dogs of similar size and temperament.

Our daycare program is available Monday thru Friday.  Whether you want to give your dog just a few hours of play or a full day, we have the perfect fit for you both. Visit our Facebook page throughout their day to see photos of playtime.

As always, we offer a complementary 2 hour evaluation prior to determining if daycare is right for your dog.  We can also help with socialization skills if they are not quite ready for the social life.



Full Day - over 4 hrs.

 $           23.00*

1/2 Day - up to 4 hrs.

 $           13.00